Why does no one ever seem to bring up that between the minute where John and Mary did the whole “Is Mary Watson good enough for you?” thing, and the bit where she passes out due to being drugged, they are LITERALLY JUST HOLDING ONE ANOTHER. There’s a whole other scene that happens while they’re just holding one another, Sherlock and Mycroft smoking outside.

John Watson is human, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US WHO HAS EVER LOVED SOMEONE ELSE knows that you can’t just TURN IT OFF.

He still loves Mary. He’s just pissed off at her. He makes that clear. BY SAYING IT.

But they’re literally just holding one another for a good three minutes and I think that’s cute as crap.

I just really don’t understand why he would forgive her if he didn’t love her as some people believe. Because of the baby? I don’t know, maybe but there are divorces where the baby stays with the mother. 

I mean - if I was John I’d never forgive Mary if I didn’t love her, but that’s just me. And somehow I’m still convinced that he read what was on the memory stick. And the scene wasn’t cute, it was heartbreaking and I cried all my tears.

“The Bruce-Partington Plans”, dramatised by Bert Coules, 1994.

Martin Freeman talks about his love for Monty Python — Monty Python Live (mostly) Backstage — July 20, 2014

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Isn’t this a lovely pic! found it on a Hungarian site (x) & it’s a total unseen for me. Don’t they look lush together. (It didn’t show up anywhere else on google images)

BBC Sherlock Season three - John Watson & Mary Morstan Promo Image -


Allison Tolman / Photographed by Peter Hapak / For Variety Magazine June 2014

Until the early hours of the morning


If you haven’t stayed up until the early hours of the morning reading with your eyes itching and burning with tiredness and your vision blurred as you fight to stay awake to finish the book, you haven’t lived at all


i’m a fountain of blood
in the shape of a girl;

dedicated to the femme fatales/witches/dark queens that breathe out black magic, who don’t hesitate to kill with a poisonous kiss, who bear death on their blood red lips.


Everything I wish I knew when I joined Tumblr. Basically this is a collection of things that will make Tumblr easier to use :D


How to: Enable your Tumblr ask box
How to tag
How to tag asks
How to have posts show up/not show up
Trigger Warnings
Tumblr Savior
How to Report a blog 


How to install a theme
Theme Directory 
My Favorite Theme Makers (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
How to: Add links to your Tumblr description/sidebar
Icon Finder
Help picking a color scheme to match your icon
How to Install Updates Tab (X)
Updates Tab Masterpost
How to add a music player (X) (X
Transparent Images and Pixels (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
HTML Color Codes
Creating a poll on Tumblr
Creating a countdown  
How to create a re-direct page
Blogrolls, Family, Follow Forever 
How to make a network
How to Install a Navigation Page
HTML Codes 
HTML Help & Codes
Tumblr Formatting Cheatsheat
Theme making tutorial
Tumblr Blog that helps people with tumblr related issues

*Remember most theme makers will answer questions about there them or already have FAQ Page to make it easier for you to use

Photoshop/Photoshop Resources

Tutorial for saving Photoshop (windows)
Masterpost for downloading Photoshop
How to make a Gif
Learn the Basics of Photoshop
Beginner Tutorials for Photoshop
Photoshop Graphic Masterposts
Photoshop Tutorial Masterpost 
Textures Guide
Photoshop Help Blog 
Photoshop Help Blog
HQ Celebrity Gallery Masterpost

Alternatives to Photoshop

Animating Program
Digital painting Program
Art Program/Photo Editor
Queeky Paint
Art Program
Drawing Program
Graphic’s Program
Free Art Programs Masterpost


Supernatural Reaction Gifs
Reaction Gifs 
Reaction Gifs
Reaction Gifs
Reaction Gifs
Online Gif Maker 
Online Gif Maker 
Online Gif Maker 
Online Gif Maker


Quick Meme Maker
Pie Chart Maker
Meme Generator 
Meme Maker


How to write Fanfiction
Avoiding mistakes when writing fanfiction
10 Tips to Writing Fanfiction
How to Submit a Fanfiction to Fanfiction.Net 
Writing Fiction Plans
Writing Templates
Novel Outline
34 Writing Tips
How to write a Character
Tips on writing a Character 
Character writing Masterpost
Writing Masterpost (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
Diverse Character Writing Masterpost 
Detailed Character template
How to write different Body types (X) (X)
Surnames MasterPost
Synonyms MasterPost
Creating an OC Masterpost                                                 
Writing Folklore, Myth and Creatures Masterpost                     
How to write Ancient Rome England  Viking Age Victorian Age Middle Ages 50’s Wild West
Other things to help your Writing  (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
How to RP Masterpost
Roleplay Terms
RP Guide
RP Help Masterpost


Help Fact Check Tumblr Posts
Urban Dictionar
See if your about to hit post limit
In case you update software and it sucks 
Writing, Graphics, Textures, Themes Masterpost
Massive Masterpost included Writing & Art
Tutorial Master Post

I hope that this survival guide has helped you with any tumblr related issues, have a great day. 


Alan Turing is literally one of the most important people in history and there are legitimately people who don’t know who is or if they do they don’t know that he was queer and basically persecuted and violated by the british government as a hate crime and I get anxious every time I hear about the imitation game because it looks very good but it could just as easily gloss over so much and be bad and it’s so important that it’s not like god I actually just fucking teared up typing this